Freedom Flask: For the ‘rowdy gentleman’: The underwear flask that dispenses beer .. from your fly

The generators can then block while they wait for the signal before they deliver the next frame. In looking through synchronization primitives, I’ve found that threading.Event is the one that matches this behavior. So basically, each generator should have an event object, and then the camera thread should signal all the active event objects to inform all the running generators when a new frame is available. The generators deliver the frame and reset their event objects, and then go back to wait on them again for the next frame.

The original, patented Freedom Flask design features a concealable flask to hold your favorite to go beverage. All U.S. orders receive free ground shipping, while international orders of $200+ qualify for free ground shipping. If your Freedom Pass has a rose on it, you can use it on bus services across England.

Freedom Flask

The quality was the same as something I trust on my own little boy, so I can very realistically underscore the value of the material of the Freedom Flask. Obviously, I give mad props to anyone that can create such a crazy idea and go through with its full creation–not everyone takes their ideas to the end stage of production. The agreement that TfL has with London Councils is that the Older Persons Freedom Pass is valid 9am to 4.30am Monday to Friday and restful api python flask all day on weekends and Bank Holidays. London Councils fund all the journeys that are made at those times. ‘ the website boasts, including ‘concerts and festivals, bars and clubs, events with a cash bar, the golf course, movie theatre, the ski sopes’ – and of course – ‘a boring day at the office’. The American-made flask for ‘the rowdy gentleman’ was dreamed up by a University of Georgia graduate tired of trying to sneak beer into sporting events.

freedom flask video

In both cases there was a single client viewing the stream. The OpenCV driver went from about 45% CPU down to 12% for a single client, with each new client adding about 3%. In general it makes sense for the background thread to run as fast as possible, because you want the frame rate to be as high as possible for each client. But you definitely do not want the generator that delivers frames to a client to ever run at a faster rate than the camera is producing frames, because that would mean duplicate frames will be sent to the client. While these duplicates do not cause any problems, they increase CPU and network usage without any benefit. Another observation that was made a few times is that the server consumes a lot of CPU.


English bus passes (including the Freedom Pass ) won’t work on buses in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland although you may be able to get concessionary fares. And here’s the GitHub repository codebase you will use as part of this tutorial. Open the Freedom Flask and pour your favorite beverage to go. The patented Freedom Flask design will take you from the tailgate to the stadium. Easy to conceal, leakproof and a perfect traveler for occasions when portability is required. That is, of course, if you don’t mind your neighbour assuming you’re drinking your own urine.

The –threads 5 option tells Gunicorn to handle at most five concurrent requests. That means that with this number you can get up to five clients to watch the stream simultaneously. The –workers 1 options limits the server to a single process. This is required because only one process can connect to a camera to capture frames. This new version of the Raspberry Pi’s camera thread has been made generic with the use of yet another generator. The thread expects the frames() method (which is a static method) to be a generator implemented in subclasses that are specific to different cameras.

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