RDC/ ESU : Pourquoi Sama LUKONDE suspend l’arrêté nommant les nouveaux comités de gestion dans les universités ?

Jean-Michel SAMA LUKONDE, Premier Ministre de la Rd Congo (Ph. Tiers)

“ Le Premier Ministre suspend l’exécution de l’arrêté du Ministre de l’ESU portant nomination dans les universités et instituts supérieurs jusqu’à nouvel ordre”, rapporte un communiqué signé par son directeur de cabinet et rendu public ce mardi 28 décembre 2021.

According to the said document, Sama LUKONDE’s decision was taken “Following the unrest noted in university circles after the publication of Ministerial Order No. 0464 of December 23, 2021 designating and appointing the members of the management committees of some higher and university education establishments”.

“The Head of Government has requested, continues the press release , the suspension of the execution of the said Order until further notice, in order to allow a final harmonization of views with the Minister of Higher and University Education”.

Une copie du communiqué

Consequently, any handover and resumption between the outgoing and incoming members of the Management Committees concerned by the said decree is postponed. This postponement of the handover and resumption ceremonies of the management committees in the institutions concerned is confirmed in a press release dated December 28 from the director of cabinet of the supervising Minister who asks to observe some precautionary measures, namely:

  • Suspension of recruitment and movement of personnel;
  • Suspension of the outflow of funds;
  • Prohibition of the Establishment’s commitment to third parties;
  • Abstain from any act or statement that could undermine public order and social peace.

As a reminder, through his decree of December 23, the Minister of Higher and University Education proceeded to the appointment of the members of the management committees of some establishments under his supervision. At the University of Kolwezi (Lualaba), Professor MWENGWE MUHONGO Yvon was entrusted with the management of this Alma mater, replacing Professor KASHALA KAPALOLWA.

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